Cannot get atlassian connect dynamic macro to display inline

I’m writing a dynamic content macro for confluence with atlassian connect. At the moment I’m simply trying to get a proof of concept where I insert some inline text into the flow of a page but I can’t get it to display inline - the content is always displayed as a block.

Here are distilled versions of my addon descriptor and macro page:


     "name": "Hello World",
     "description": "Test Add-on",
     "key": "com.example.test",
     "baseUrl": "",
     "vendor": {
         "name": "Example Ltd.",
         "url": ""
     "authentication": {
         "type": "none"
  "modules": {
    "dynamicContentMacros": [
        "key": "hello-world",
        "name": {
          "value": "Hello Word"
        "url": "/test.html",
        "description": {
          "value": "Link to stuff"
        "outputType": "INLINE",
        "bodyType": "none"


<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="//"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//" media="all">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//" media="all">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
<script data-options='base: false; margin: false; resize: false'>
(function() {
  var getUrlParam = function (param) {
    var codedParam = (new RegExp(param + '=([^&]+)')).exec([1];
    return decodeURIComponent(codedParam);

  var baseUrl = getUrlParam('xdm_e') + getUrlParam('cp');
  $.getScript(baseUrl + '/atlassian-connect/all.js', function() {
    console.log("I can use AP now");
<span id="content" class='ac-content'>Hello, world!

Thanks in advance

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Im facing the same issue which the macro is rendered as an iframe and display in a new line even though the option resize has been set to “false”.
It’s great if someone can give a suggestion.


We have identified this issue and a fix has been merged. It will take time to be released and reach production.
The ticket we raised for this issue is here:

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