Cannot navigate to apps from the vendor page

Hi guys,

Just noticed (and confirmed by others) that the you can’t navigate to apps from the vendors pages. Simply go to any vendor page on the marketplace and click on an app’s tile. It will not go anywhere. However clicking on the tile from a search result works. So far, it only fails if you click on the tile from the vendor page.


Confirmed reproduced.

our vendor page seems to be affected as well. The workaround is currently to use “open in new tab” which works.

Same for us. As I see there is a JavaScript error in the console when the app link is clicked on the vendor page:

Uncaught TypeError: r.push is not a function
    at s (AddonDiscovery.js:55)
    at VendorAddons.js:102
    at Hits.js:44
    at HitLink.js:57

@yvesriel @boris @david.toussaint @raimonds.simanovskis thanks all for flagging this issue. We have identified the bug and implemented the fix as necessary. Could you please try again and confirm it is working as expected now?



I can highly recommend Bugsnag or Rollbar which would help quickly alert the Marketplace team to this kind of issue. :+1:

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