Cannot See the CODE while making request

Dear All,
I am totally new to OAUTH2.0. And one of our requirements is to connect my app to JIRA through OAuth2.0

I am facing a problem. Before moving further I would Like to give you a bit of history.

  1. I am using oauth-2-3lo-apps documentation to do Oauth2.0(3lo)
  2. I successfully have developed and executed the following URL to perform Authorization Request

Please note that i am Executing the URL in my browser. It successfully ask me for permission and then move to my defined callback URL.

Now towards the problem As per documentation

If successful, the user will be redirected to the app’s callback URL, with an authorization code provided as a query parameter called **code** .

I am just unable to find this CODE to move towards next step.

Please and Kindly help me out on this.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @IbstelTech,

Just to make sure something wasn’t broken for everyone, I just executed the authorization request URL and I did end up with the code parameter, so I can attest the flow still works.

I recommend separating the redirect_uri from your own infrastructure for debugging right now. For example, both in the developer console and in your request, use the redirect URI That will make sure nothing on your webserver is stripping the parameter.

When I execute the request and grant permissions, then my browser redirects to:

If you can’t see that in your browser, then maybe you could use the browser developer tools to see where Atlassian redirects you after approving the request.