Cannot update "parent" field when using REST API

I’m trying to update a story’s parent through the API and it doesn’t work. I’m able to create a story with its parent but unable to update it.

Any help will be really appreciated.

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We can’t use the Team field via API either. We’re actually planning on dumping the product entirely.

We are unhappy with:

  • The poor visibility into WHY/HOW portfolio schedules things
  • The inability to access these fields via normal API
  • Poor searching experience in normal Jira
  • The departure from normal issue linking for Parent field
  • Team field on CREATE screen BREAKS the jiraissue if the creator doesn’t have EDIT permission

Unfortunately, I used to sell the tool and now as internal IT I simply cannot recommend it any further. We haven’t bothered to update to latest in a long time, but effectively all interest in the product is gone here.

I have the same issue.

This looks to be working now:

See the update to this ticket:


Awesome @RhysDiab thanks for the follow up!