Can't access AMKTHELP project, and add-on keeps getting rejected

I’m not really sure what to do. I accepted the Atlassian Jira Service Desk invitation, but can’t see my approval (and rejection) tickets. Plus, I’m getting a reason of “None” for rejection. Is there an Atlassian Marketplace admin or someone that can help me?

Hi @JanetCarr,

This sounds like your app gets rejected by some automatic checks which is usually the case if you forgot to put a link to your documentation in the Marketplace listing or something similar. However, you not being able to access your tickets sounds like a bug.

Tagging @ayarazarvi and @chparker from the AMKTHELP team so they can provide you with more insights. Also, to save you a communication roundtrip: maybe you should already post the exact AMKTHELP tickets here that this is about, as they will likely ask you for them. :slight_smile:



Hey, thanks for the reply. I already heard back, you were right. I forgot a link. :slight_smile:

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Hi @sven.schatter! Sorry for posting it here, but it seems like I can’t create new posts because I’m a new user.

I’m experiencing the same issue with not being able to access AMKTHELP ticket. I recently submitted an app to the marketplace and got automatic rejection claiming that there is not enough details on the listing. When I click “your approval ticket” link I see “No Access” page so I can’t learn what exactly is wrong with my submission. I double checked that I filled all required fields. Here’s the link to the ticket I can’t access:

Could you please help me with figuring out what is wrong with my listing? Thanks!

Hi @petr,

Well, I can’t tell you much more than what the message on the Marketplace says: looks like you didn’t fill out all required fields in your listing. Did you double check both the “Details” tab on the app level and all the tabs on the app version level (“Details”, “Highlights”, “Media”, “Compatiblity”, “Links”) to see if you’re missing anything?

As for why you can’t access your AMKTHELP ticket, that’s probably a bug. But if you do find a field that was missing and can resubmit your app I wouldn’t worry too much about it.