Can't create confluence Page

I’M trying to create a confluence page using the REST-API. Unfortunally when I try to create a page, I always get an 400 Response. I’m using the REST-API Wrapper on this page:

The code I wrote is the example on the page and looks as follows:

from atlassian import Confluence

confluence = Confluence(

status = confluence.create_page(
    title='This is the title',
    body='This is the body. You can use <strong>HTML tags</strong>!')


In this code I inserted my credentials. The weird part is, that if I use the JIRA example, it works perfectly but for confluence it doesn’t.
Does somebody know how to get rid of the 400 Response?

I figured it out: I can t use HTML Tags like . For this I raised another question that can be found here: Confluence: Using HTML-Tags