Can't release BB SERVER version while waiting for DC listing approval

It took us about 2 months to get DCHELP ticket approved, but now we are waiting for listing approval: (which is in queue for 3 weeks already)

Our listing have not changed at all. We are just literally trying to upload the version that we got approve from DCHELP team.

On the other hand, our customers who use Bitbucket Server are waiting for minor but important for them releases on Bitbucket Server versions.

We can’t deploy it because it says the following:
Version visibility Cannot be set to Public without a public Data Center version counterpart

What can I do to unblock at least the server edition deployment? It’s very frustrating.

cc @bmagro @ayarazarvi @chparker


This is a huge deal for us as well, and always has been. Any potential security vulnerability or major bug gets locked in once we submit an app version for DC approval. We’ve always tried to have our app version be as stable as possible before submitting a DC version, because of the ridiculous wait times for approval.

it’s crazy that DC submissions prevent us from uploading new versions.


@e.kovetskiy have you tried making a new release with a higher release number that is only server compatible. I think that should be working and you should be able to release.

@e.kovetskiy I’m very sorry for the delay. The BB reviews are not currently processed by the review team. We are in the process of taking over this work from start to finish in order to get these review times down.

I have followed up with the team about the review of this item. Apologies again for the delay.

Please feel free to raise a ticket here in the future if you are having trouble with these processes:

@e.kovetskiy @mohammed I just confirmed this. I have a release v1.2.1 of one of my apps pending in DC Approval. I was able to release v1.3.0 for Server by simply disabling datacenter support and adding a new version as normal.

This means, DC Approval flow does not limit you from releasing patches and bugfixes for server.

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Thats great to know there’s a workaround for DC submissions. Unfortunately it does not work for paid conversions of free apps since they require reapproval.