Can't reply to information request for my pending approval app

I submitted my app and @VeereshHosamani has replied to my approval issue ( and requested further information.
When I press “View request” in the email from Jira Service Desk, I am taken to a page saying “ No Access . You do not have permission to view this request.”

Hi @TurgayCelik !

Sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with the access. Can you raise a support request here so we can verify your email address (Ecosystem Jira account)?


Sean Yong

Hi @syong, thanks for your response. I have already raised a support request ( just before opening this topic. I was wondering if there is a common workaround that may also help other developers, but I guess it is an account specific problem.


Thanks Turgay! I have updated the reporter to the account you used for raising the support request. It looks like there are two different accounts after all. Let us know if you’re still having issues. Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Sean Yong