Can't set some permissions via REST API

Some space permissions cannot be set via REST API; specifically “All/Delete Own” and “Mail/Delete”. These permissions are undocumented for both the Create Space and Add New Permission to Space API.

We need to be able to set these permissions via API. Are they simply undocumented, or do the APIs not support these permissions at all?


I stumbled upon the same issue. Some permissions can not be set.
@TimPesce may I ask how do you set these Permissions in the first place?

During space creation this is no problem, but when attempting to update the permissions via the experimental Endpoints I get stuck:

The user should be able to perform this operation via user impersonation.

{"statusCode":403,"data":{"authorized":false,"valid":false,"errors":[{"message":{"translation":"User isn't authorized to modify permissions.","args":[]}}],"successful":false},"message":"com.atlassian.confluence.api.service.exceptions.PermissionException: User isn't authorized to modify permissions."}

In Trello this card has been moved to InProgress in September with the commen that

We’ll be graduating them to GA later in the month of September.

Am I missing something obvious?