Can't use forge tunnel command

Im currently trying to follow the Part 2: Call a Jira API tutorial. I already did the “Getting started” and the first part of the tutorial without errors. Im stuck directly at the first step “forge tunnel”. My output is:
`Running your app locally with Docker. The tunnel displays your usage from everywhere the app in the development environment is installed.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Checking Docker image… 100%
Your Docker image is up to date.

Error: Object

Rerunning the command with --verbose may give more details.`

My question now is how can I fix this or where can I get more information about this error?
I already checked that docker is working:
Open a command-line terminal like PowerShell, and try out some Docker commands!
Run docker version to check the version.
Run docker run hello-world to verify that Docker can pull and run images.
From Docker run.
I can see the atlasian/forge-tunnel image in my docker desktop and if I use the forge tunnel command a Container/App is created but vanishes after about 20 seconds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,