Can't we see the storage detail of Production evnvironment? Error for Staging

Hi @YY1 - Would you mind sharing the app ID for your app so that we can debug the error?

Storage viewer is only available for development and staging environments. Please see:

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Hi @varun
My App Id is:
Yes, I can only see the storage from my sites of dev & stg environments. Then I don’t know what the meaning of this functionality is, if we can’t see the production storages of my own and customer sites. For customer sites, they don’t have dev and stg environments.


Hi @YY1, thanks for reaching out and providing a follow up.
The Storage Viewer was provided in response to developer feedback as a way to more easily validate the structure and content of objects being stored when building and testing a Forge app, as well as providing visibility of consumed size for both unencrypted and encrypted storage.
While the consumed size is available in all environments, production storage data cannot be provided at this point in time for privacy reasons. However, we’re still gathering feedback on what developers want most out of this feature and there’s a couple of relevant improvements in consideration:

  1. Enabling access to production data where the developer is an admin of the site
  2. Providing a mechanism for site admins to allow access to production data

We’ll be prioritising enhancements in future based on what’s most valuable to users of the Developer Console.

Regarding the issue you’re facing, the Storage View doesn’t currently filter the Forge environment selector based on installations, so I suspect the errors you’re seeing at the moment are because there is no installation for that combination of site + environment. You can confirm this by inspecting the ‘Installations’ tab in Developer Console.


If you’re still seeing these errors in the case where a valid installation does exist, please let me know and I can investigate further for you. In the meantime we’ll be looking at improving the user experience for this storage view so that it’s more clear which environments and sites the app is currently installed in. We’re sorry the errors are rather ambiguous at the moment.



Thanks for your reply @Cory

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