Capability to modify documentation

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you think it would be a good thing if add-on vendors could have the capability to correct/enhance plugin development documentation. That would improve the current documentation and speed up the correction rate. Just last week, I came upon something that would have taken me 5 min to correct and thus save someone else the headache.

Is it something that Atlassian would consider? Just asking :slight_smile:


All the sites that are hosted on are editable via PRs on Bitbucket so I guess it’s in the works. From what I understand everything hasn’t been migrated there yet but if you check out for example this page then it has a link to “Improve this page”.


Oh, that’s great! The page I was looking at was on but only had a change request link. I guess it was not yet ported.

Thanks for sharing! Never noticed it before.

Just to confirm what @richard is telling, we are indeed migrating all of our developer documentation to a new, improved format.

And you can do PRs on the new and improved documentation.

Here is the announcement blog post:


It’s a great idea @yvesriel. Thanks for asking. As you see, we’re working on it!

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