Capture url that triggered AutoConvert in Cacheable App Iframe

I’m migrating to Cacheable App Iframe. I was able to extract the AutoConvert urlParameter as query strings, but this won’t work for Cacheable App Iframes, and I’d like to figure how to do it?

The AutoConvert docs say

When the macro is created in the editor, the URL string that triggered the autoconvert will be captured and inserted as a parameter on the macro body. You must define the name of this parameter by providing a string value for ‘urlParameter’. This allows you to access the URL that triggered the autoconvert.

How do I access the URL that triggered the autoconvert when using Cacheable App Iframe?

The macro parameters are stored in the macro body, and can be accessed via the Get macro body by macro ID REST API.

However, for Dynamic Content Macros, we are aware that the macro parameters must be available immediately to the iframe upon loading. Please watch ACJS-1025 for that.

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Hey @epehrson, is there a rough ETA for ACJS-1025 ?

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@ademoss, it’s high priority, but I can’t give you an ETA.