Catch macro-view with unreachable macro-server

I want to show the macro-user a custom html-snippet inside the iframe if the macro server is not reachable. At the moment i use ngrok and if i “miss” to start the tunnel i get a nasty “tunnel not found” in the macro. I want to secure that i have always a nice view.

Is there no way to leave the macro empty or display included body when the macro-server is not reachable?

Hi @MatthiasWegner - so, a side note (and not a solution to what you’re trying to accomplish): in a production use case (i.e. internal app for your enterprise, or Marketplace app being relied on by paying customers), I just want to state that using ngrok is not advisable.

Now, on to your question. The error you’re seeing is served up by the ngrok proxy service, and as far as the user’s browser is concerned, it’s being served up data from an app. There aren’t any conditional checks made by the Connect framework before the browser tries to load from the src location… your app just needs to be ready for user requests at any given time.

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