Change fullName as returned by organization members REST call

I’m building a tool to check if my organization’s Trello members are still complete and no persons are missing. I implementing this by matching “fullName” from the /1/organizations/xxx/members REST call (xxx is my organization) to my own list.

I expect the same output from the REST call as I get from the members-TAB in the GUI. However, if I look at my account in the list, both username and fullName are the same: doekman.

I connected Trello to my Atlassian account.

I’d rather do the match on something more solid and less brittle, like an email-address. However, that doesn’t seem available (I’ve looked into the 1/members/{id} call, but I didn’t find anything there). As far as I can tell I’m stuck with the 1/{organization}/members call.

Any pointers to fix this? Trello support advised to ask the question here. Thanks!

Whether or not the fullName is shared with third-party applications (any application accessing Trello’s API with a key/token) is determined by individual user’s settings if they are connected to an Atlassian account.

You can read more about the change that introduced this here:

I think I get it. Privacy. Thanks for sharing the link to the Trello-board.

One thing that is not really intuitive: Atlassian’s Full Name is used next to the avatar when I’m logged in, and Public Name is used how other people see my name. However, both fields are marked as (visible to) Anyone.

But Bitbucket is doing exactly the same. What is the logic behind this?

I don’t know specifics on how/why it works the way it does.

Maybe this help article shines some light on it?

I guess this makes sense. I at least now know how things work. Thanks.