Change parent of Story using REST API

I’ve been trying to update the parent Epic of a story by updating the ‘parent’ field.

This field isn’t updated when I set it’s key to be a different Epic. It works when I create a new Story, but not when updating an existing Story.

Is there a workaround for this? I’d like to be able to change the parent of a Story.

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Same issue here! I cannot remove a Story’s parent neither change it :confused:


The way to update epic links depends on the type of project you created:

  • Classic projects: the field that relates a story with an Epic is called “Epic Link” and it is different on each Jira instance. I recommend you to get the field id accessing to /rest/api/3/issue/{issue key or id}
  • Next-gen projects: “parent” field should work. Honestly, never tried

The issue is the “parent” field can be set when creating an issue. But not changed when updating an issue.

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