Change User permissions/access using the Application Access


I’m trying to change the Application Access from the user created by an Atlassian App.
When I tried to remove an access, a error message appears:
“You are not allowed to modify memberships of system administrator groups. This is restricted to system administrators.”

Is is possible to login as System Administrator? I checked this Atlassian response and it doesn’t seems possible. How can edit the Application Access for this user?![ApplicationAccess|690x170]

Thank you,
Paulo Alves.

Hi @paulo.alves,

It’s not possible to modify the application access of Atlassian Connect app users. They are not towards a license on your site. The only way to remove the app user is to uninstall the app.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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Hi Dave Meyer,

Thank you so much for the response.

I would like to test how the App behaves when the Application Access were changed or removed.
Anyway, since it isn’t possible to modify them, the problem is solved :slightly_smiling_face:.

Best regards,
Paulo Alves.

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