Changes in rest/api/2/issue

Were there any changes to rest/api/2/issue/{issueId} response structure ??
Specifically for the parent field ???
We are receiving a lot of errors since ±14 hours ago , we destructed the response in a way that now isnt working anymore, and our app is running more than a year now

Anyone can assist please ?



Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @RonGabbay!

Double-checking the changelogs, there was no mention of a recent Get issue changes (assuming you are referring to GET /rest/api/2/issue/{issueId}.

If you feel that this is an API bug, kindly raise an issue in the Developer and Marketplace Support portal for the developer support folks to investigate further. In order to help with the investigation, please add the response you are getting (which is currently breaking) in comparison to what you are expecting.


We faced the same issue yesterday, and it impacted all customers in production. Fortunately, we have found a solution to handle these changes in our app.

Moving forward, I hope Atlassian will include their changes in the changelogs. :disappointed:



This also caused many issues in production for us yesterday.

Can someone at Atlassian please confirm if this is a permanent change or if this is a bug?

The values changed were:

issue: { fields: { parent: null <- this was not null before the change } }

issue: { fields: { parent: { id: number <- this was a string before the change } } }




Hey there,
We faced the exact same problem…
No warning from Atlassian, still waiting for one…
We fastly produced a fix anyway


This was the exact issue we had
we got parent as null which never happened before
impacted many users using our app

Hi Everyone,

I talked with internal teams regarding this and asked if there are changes around this API that could’ve caused this behavior. For the time being, the advice is to raise an issue in the Developer and Marketplace Support portal for proper tracking, triaging, and investigation.

Removed this repilcation step as it is not consistent with the issue raised
On a side note, I cannot replicate the said issue since yesterday. The only time I get a "parent": null is for issues that aren’t subtasks.

Hi Team,

Can you help us with identifying the impact by sharing the appKeys of the apps that are affected. If you want to open an ECOHELP ticket for this please raise an incident ticket via directly so we can see right away when it comes in.

When you open the ticket please ensure you

  • reference this CDAC post
  • include your appkey for each affected app
  • the likely number of affected customers
  • steps you took to identify and test this - including full payload with headers


Hi @RonGabbay @RazimanDomRicksoft @JasminBateman @BriceGestas,

To give you an update, the relevant internal teams are looking into this and working to remediate the issue. For further updates, kindly monitor this incident in the Atlassian developer Statuspage.


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Hi Team,

We’ve rolled out the fix to 100% of production sites now. If you’re affected by this, please test again and let us know if there are still issues.