Changes in the macro edit user interface

There was an announcement yesterday which included the changes to the macro edit interface.

Edit macros, painlessly section.

That was a surprise for me, as a developer of couple of dynamic content widget apps using atlassian connect. It can affect my apps. So I have couple of questions related to it.

I don’t like that it was a surprise. Was it possible to know that such feature is in development? Did I miss some previous announcement?

Is it mentioned somewhere in the documentation about what is needed to support new design or how to migrate from old to new?

If there is no such information than can it be explained here, how does this change affect 3rd party macros? What is the migration path?

Andrey Stepanov

Hi @stepashka,

This was announced back in December 2020 here on the Developer Community in this thread: A new approach to Confluence macros is coming to Cloud

I suspect that when you’ll try to access this link that you won’t have access to the thread. If that is the case, you need to apply for access here:


Hello Sven,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I see now… I missed that announcement. Things are well described there.

Clicked the ‘watch’ bell now so shouldn’t miss such important announcements again.

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