Changes to Jira modules and product events

:no_entry_sign: REMOVED - Earlier versions of Jira custom field, Jira issue glance, and Jira issue panel modules

We’ve now completed the changes following the deprecation notices for Jira custom field, Jira issue glance and Jira issue panel modules.

Run npm install @forge/ui@latest on the command line to install the latest version of @forge/ui.

:construction: NOTICE - DEPRECATION Upcoming changes to product events

All current product events will be replaced with equivalent new events that have different names and more contextual payloads.

Both types of events will be supported during a deprecation period, during which you will need to update the event names listed in your manifest, and the way you extract data from payloads.

We’ll provide more details about the new events and deprecation period in a future changelog.