Changes to scope in App Descriptor

I’d like to extend the scope in the descriptor and add the write one to the current descriptor that I have.

Additionally, I’d like to add the JWT authentication and an install/uninstall callbacks, so that I can store the sent credentials.

My question is, if I do that, will all the installations have to approve that change and will I receive the callbacks?

With that JWT token, will I be able to make server-to-server REST API calls?

Yes. While I’m not sure if the authentication upgrade and the callback additions will be a minor change or a patch change - the write scope will be a minor version change. Any minor changes will require the instance administrator to approve the update. This means that there is a fair decent chance that you’ll have instances out there that will not have write scope. I would suggest adding in a parameter either in the path or in the query string to your ui components so you can know if that’s the case. (Something like ?version=2 ).

As far as the rest api calls - once you have the sharedSecret (which is what the install call will give you) you can then call WRITE calls. If you’re using ac-springboot or ACE - that’s going to happen for you.

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Thanks a lot for this!

I did experiment with a private release and indeed there was a button available to perform the update.