Changing how display name is used for creating users with Jira's REST API

Hi there. I work in the Jira Cloud team.

What is changing?

We are updating how “display name” is used in Jira when creating users in our REST API. This will affect you if you add a user to your Jira site (using the REST API), and that person does not currently have an Atlassian Account.

Currently, for new accounts, the display name value you specify is used as the new account holder’s display name until they change it. Going forward, the value you specify will be sent as a suggestion for creating the new Atlassian Account, but the actual initial value may not be the name you suggested. The new account holder will get an email asking them to set up their profile (where they can specify their actual name, and privacy preferences).

See the documentation for creating users:

Why is it changing?

This will help to protect the privacy of new account holders, until they have a chance to respond to the email about their new account, and set their privacy preferences.

What do I need to do?

The process for creating new accounts is unchanged, in that new account holders will continue to get the welcome email that they currently get. Just be aware that going forward, the person’s actual display name may not show the value you suggested in the API. (Of course, after the person completes their profile, the name they set will display, following their specified privacy preferences.)

You don’t need to make any change to how you call the API.

By when do I need to do it?

You don’t need to change anything, but just be aware of a slight change in behaviour which will be rolled out on 5 July.


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