Charts in Forge IssuePanel or Dashboard gadgets

Hi Team,
I have started with Forge recently and wanted to work on issue assignment summary.
I was able to get how the assignees changed within the ticket and how much time the ticket is with each assignee. Showing the summary as a table in Issue Panel as of now but wanted to show it as a stacked bar along with time dimension. Also, next steps would be creating a dashboard gadget which can give this assignment summary for all the tickets given as input(issuekey/jql/filter).
Please let me know if charts are available in Forge and any reference/suggestions are appreciated!
Sri Priyanka

Hi @YelisettySriPriyanka ,

Forge doesn’t provide an API to render charts so you would have to add a Javascript charting library to your Custom UI. Here’s the Custom UI guide. To add the Javascript charting library, add it to the package.json within your Custom UI module.

Please also see the dashboard gadget module documentation which also supports Custom UI.



Hi @dmorrow

is it possible to use js charting library like eschart in UI Kit 2?