Chat box with Forge Custom UI | Communicate Asyncronously with end user

Hi all !

We try to build a chat box like application using Forge Custom UI, because we want this application to be installable on the Jira Service Management portal. In such an application a user asks something and gets back a response from a back-end, which we have already implemented and we can customize it further. However, in our case we can’t rely on a synchronous Request/Response pattern, where a user submits something or acts somehow, and the back-end responds back immediately. At least in some of our use cases we have to process things submitted to the back-end asynchronously and notify the user on their completion, whenever that happens.

Is there any way that this can be achieved in an application built with Forge Custom UI ?

Had it been a web application, web sockets or server side would be technologies that we would have been able to use. Building though a forge app is not clear on how -if it is possible at all- to use such technologies. Another possible approach it could be we use polling, but from a little search we did, we noticed that there are some limitations (Does Atlassian Forge Storage (DynamoDB) support "Realtime updates"?)

Our use case is not the same as that described in [FRGE-420] - Ecosystem Jira but there is one common thing, the necessity to communicate something at a later point.

If there is any other way to achieve that mentioned, we would be more than happy to let us know.

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Hey @ChristosPaisios,

Unfortunately you can’t solve that natively with Forge functions, but if you’re willing to host your backend remotely you open a web socket from your Custom UI front end. You need to set up the correct egress whitelist in their manifest. wss URLs are supported.



Thanks @AdamMoore for your reply.