Checking member permissions via the REST api

Is there a way to get a member’s permissions via the REST api? Something similar to t.getContext().permissions?

Our use case: members should be allowed to perform different actions on our backend depending on their Trello permissions on a specific board, but we don’t want to trust the client to give us the valid permissions. Hence we have to establish matching permissions directly with Trello.

We couldn’t find something like this in the docs and currently are concluding permissions from various member/board/org attributes. Obviously, this is neither robust nor future proof.

I think that what you’re looking for is the memberships between boards and their members. A call to t.boards('members', 'memberships') should give you what you need to build that set of permissions on the board level. At the org level, you’ll need to use the REST API to get the memberships:

t.board('members', 'memberships')

a little typo, not boards

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