clientKey format in 'installed' event payload

I have received a few installed events where the clientKey is in the format of “Confluence:123456789”. Most of the client keys are uuid (e.g. [xxxxx0d9e-0000-0000-9203-87xxxx]).

Can someone help me on when which format will be used?

Thanks in advance.

The Confluence:123456789 format is from legacy instances. Both key formats are valid, the legacy format only indicates that this is from a customer who has been on cloud for a long time already

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To give some further context, initially atlassian tried to keep cloud and server/DC code in sync. Cloud was basically atlassian running a dedicated Jira/Confluence instance per tenant in their infrastructure.

This did not scale well, and at some point atlassian decided to fork the code base and make the cloud version a true multi-tenant architecture. That was also the point at which we started to see both versions (cloud and on-premise) diverge in terms of features and API contacts. It also created a separation in teams within atlassian, resulting in the current silos. Although cloud became a lot more reliable and fast because of it, it was also basically the moment atlassian killed her on-premise offering.