clientKey format in the incoming installation event


I’ve noticed that in the incoming plugin installation request the value of the "clientKey" is the same as baseUrl but without “https://” prefix


Is it a valid clientKey ? Usually the clientKey is in the UUID format but here is different. Is it somwhere defined in the documentation what might be the format of clientKey or at least what type of characters might have (for example is the following characters allowed “,”,“.”,“;”,“%”,“$”,“^” ) ?

I recall from the other posts that we shouldn’t use the baseUrl as a main identifier for the installation because the client instance can be renamed, and we should rely on the clientKey because will not change here.
If the clientKey is holding a baseUrl and the renaming procedure will be applied then the clientKey will be also changed causing inability to match the client to the plugin instance ?

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Hi @TReb,

Yes, this is a valid clientKey. Although the clientKey is usually in UUID format, the format you shared has been used and remains valid.

No, this will not be the case. The clientKey will remain constant even if the site is renamed; the baseUrl will change but the clientKey remains the same.

Hope this helps.