Cloning issue to another project - ProjectComponents

Hi, I’m trying to implement a plugin which enables copying issues from one project to another.
Basically everything works fine, but when I try to copy Versions/ Components I get an error that says:
“Component/ Version 'componentName/ versionName (ID) is not valid for project ‘XYZ’”.

Now I know that the projectComponents and Versions are only valid for one specific project. But I already try to compare the list of Versions from the old issue to the possible versions in the other project (by name, not ID). If the names are equal I add it to the versionlist of the new issue, if not, I create new Versions and set them.

Still no luck. Always the same error message. If I do not use Versions/ Components everything works fine.

Has anyone experienced the same behavior? Is this maybe some built in Jira mechanism?

I am happy about every help I can get.


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Just an FYI: There exists a chrome extension that does this. It can even copy issue to another Jira instance. Maybe you can check what it does :slight_smile: