Close card in Power-Up


Is it possible to close a card from a Power-Up? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in the Power-Up documentation but it is possible to make a button created in Automation close the card

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Hi, I believe the “close card” in the Automation tab refers to “exiting the card” once the action is done. I.e. navigating back to the board.

If you’d like to archive a card, there is an associated action for that in Automation when you are creating a card button.

If you’d like to archive the card via API or Power-Up, please check out our API documentation:

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If you are actually looking to open/close a card from the user’s point of view, both t.hideCard() might be what you’re looking for: Navigation

Hi bentley,

Thank you! That’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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