Closed status transition with jira.field.resolution.include fail to pass IssueService validateTransition


We are having a Jira plugin in development. Now I meet an error of resolution when the plugin tries to transition a status.

Firstly, I both set the configurations below in a Jira project workflow:
[1] Closed properties ‘jira.field.resolution.include’ (no matter what values)
[2] Add ‘Resolve Issue Screen’ to Closed

Then when plugin code tries to use Java jira-api(7.13.8) IssueService validateTransition to transition some statuses to the Closed status, an error returns in the validation result:
Error key: resolution
Error value: The selected resolution cannot be chosen during this action.

PS: The resolution was well predefined.
Now it can not transition an issue with an invalid validation result.

But when I remove [2], validation will pass, the transition will be successful.

Another information, when both [1][2] were effective, this could go well and transition successfully through the UI browser!

That looks like a bug with the Jira api as the operation is successful through the UI and should be supported by the api as well.