Cloud Issue panel wont size

I have wrapped the content with a

div class="ac-content"

but the iframe does not expand to content, instead it shows scroll bars.

I have tried adding



AP.resize('100%', 'calc(100vh - 160px)');

I’d be grateful for any pointers, everything works fine with our Jira cloud plugin.

@colin.hammond I’m happy to help you.
The fastest way would be to invite me to a site where I can reproduce the issue and debug it in the browser.

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David, Hi

Thank you so much for offering to help. I have burned so much time going backwards and forwards through the online docs trying to find answers. I managed to solve this one with
<script data-options="resize:true" src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
I previously had

I now have a new challenge for which I would welcome your help, that is opening a new dialog2 from within a webpanel. Instead of taking over the whole browser window, it just appears in the context of the webpanel, is there a flag or trick I need to use?

Thanks in advance.

Would a 10 minute zoom session be possible/practical.

Hi @colin.hammond

If you want a dialog to be displayed outside your webpanel, you can use the
AP.dialog.create JavaScript API.

Essentially you include a general page in your descriptor, and then launch it using that API

If you sorted out the resizing I suspect you’ll be okay, but if you get stuck send me a message and we’ll setup a zoom

Thanks David,
I’ll spend some time on this and get back to you here.

I got that to work, thank you. I would really like a short zoom call to answer a few “how to” questions that I have accumulated.