Cloud Promotion Codes: How to deal with short-term promotions for migrations in yearly billing cycles


We have a 10,000+ users customer migrating from DC to cloud needing some more weeks to finish the purchase order. Naturally, we wanted to provide them with a cloud promo code for 2-3 months to bridge the purchasing time frame.

Now, the customer has a yearly billing cycle. Because of that, it seems that there is no way to provide them with some months for free using a cloud promo code. I can only give them a full year (one billing cycle) minimum for free.

How to deal with such a scenario? It would be nice if there would be a middle ground between “Here, take one year equaling 10,000USD+ for free” and “Nope, cannot help you with your corporate procurement stuff, look for another app”.

Looking forward to how this can be solved :wink:


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Our customers typically reach out to Atlassian (we also encourage them to do so) and ask for an extension. Atlassian gathers our permission and then extends the customer’s trial by a month or two. No promo code is needed.

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I’ve also done the math and given them a % off that would equal a free month.