Cloud REST API "Find users by query" endpoint issue

I have an issue with the provided endpoint.

When I perform a query of getting all the users who are an assignee of a project then the inactive users are not returned. Is there an option which I can use to get inactive users as well?

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This is a new experimental API and filtering for active and inactive users is not supported yet.

Dave Meyer
Jira Product Management

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Okay, thanks.

Can this feature be requested? Or at least the reference guide should note this as this means that some of the issues are not returned.

Actually I have come to a situation, that it is impossible to get a list of inactive users.

There is the following endpoint as well, which I would expect would help me.

But the first example given there, is wrong - the query cannot be made without one (either username or property given as request parameter).

Can you explain, is there a way to get a list of inactive users?

Hi @oliversoop,

I created for you to track this improvement. Jira Cloud currently doesn’t support an API to return all users in a site without a search parameter, and we have no plans to provide one.


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Hi @oliversoop,

By default, all users are in the ‘jira-users’ group, so you can use this endpoint:
You may need to query a different group if the default was changed.

I don’t see a way to get a list of inactive users aside from making two requests, one with ‘includeInactiveUsers=true’ and one with ‘includeInactiveUsers=false’ then comparing the results

–Simon Kinsler

Hi @oliversoop,
I’m the developer maintaining the endpoint you mentioned in your original question.
From next week, it will support returning inactive users as well.
You can track progress in the issue created by @dmeyer here. The docs will be updated when the change hits production.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Simone Russo