Cloud solution for adding functionality in Rich text editor and WSGI editor


I have gone through the following tutorial to implement custom functionality in Jira Server plugin.

How do I do the same for Atlassian Cloud?

When I type some character like β€˜~’ in Cloud JIRA editor, I want to show the list of configured names to be selected.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @thangappanmohan,

It is not currently possible to build extensions to the text editor in Jira Cloud. We are in the process of releasing an all-new rich text editor for Jira Cloud. While we expect to support extensibility in the new editor eventually, there is no timeline right now.


@dmeyer is this still true today?

Hi @unnati.patel,

Unfortunately, we don’t have an update on this. It is still not possible to build extension for the Cloud Editor, and while this is something we expect to support, there remains no timeline.


is it possible to add custom field to embed video for jira cloud rich text editor?
if yes then how?
and if no then when it will be available?