Codegeist 2018 taking place?



Will Codegeist 2018 be taking place? I know the contest usually goes live around this time, but I haven’t seen any announcements yet.



Hi Jim,

We’re moving out Codegeist to after September 2018 (EU Summit and Atlas Camp).

We’ll be posting updates on this at a later date.



Awesome! Thanks Peter!


Contest ideas for this year’s Codegeist @pvandevoorde :
Instead of (or along with) a Popular Choice voting based contest , which is somewhat arbitrary and could potentially be influenced, perhaps a “Number of Installs” contest could take place? There could be two separate contests, if needed:

  1. Highest number of installs for a paid plugin
  2. Highest number of installs for a free / OSS plugin.



Really good question there, @jimbethancourt. :grinning:
Last year, we (DEISER) participate with this app



That’s interesting! Maybe it would be interesting to look at contestants of the previous year and see how they’re doing. Their number of installs could say something about the overall quality and product-market fit?


Ultra agree with that opinion, @Maarten!! Could be a new category, @pvandevoorde.


Now that Atlassian Summit and Atlas Camp is done , any news about Codegeist?



Hey all,

Unfortunately we won’t be able do run a Codegeist this year.
We are looking into running one again next year.


This is sad, really.
Not saying we have been developing recent addon specifically for Codegeist, but having an option to take part in such competition was a nice bonus for marketing campaign

Be looking forward for next year
Rgrds, Andrey


@pvandevoorde, do you expect to do it during the same period as usual or will you move it earlier? Meaning that, typically, the submission period would roughly go from June to early August 2019?


We are still evaluating this, no decisions have been made yet.


Historically Codegeist runs for about 2 months and finishes about a month before Summit begins. With Summit starting April 9th this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if Codegeist dropped some time in January.

But this is all pure conjecture on my part. :-p

And here is a non-potable water emoji, since that’s what auto-complete recommended: :non-potable_water: