Hi so I’m trying to follow the admin space screen tutorial using the servlet method however I keep getting the following error. How do I fix it?

2020-08-21 11:23:52,170 ERROR [main] [plugin.osgi.factory.OsgiPlugin] enableInternal Detected an error (BundleException) enabling the plugin 'com.atlassian.servlet1.servletonly' : Unable to resolve com.atlassian.servlet1.servletonly [293](R 293.0): missing requirement [com.atlassian.servlet1.servletonly [293](R 293.0)] osgi.extender; (&(osgi.extender=osgi.component)(version>=1.3.0)(!(version>=2.0.0))) Unresolved requirements: [[com.atlassian.servlet1.servletonly [293](R 293.0)] osgi.extender; (&(osgi.extender=osgi.component)(version>=1.3.0)(!(version>=2.0.0)))].  This error usually occurs when your plugin imports a package from another bundle with a specific version constraint and either the bundle providing that package doesn't meet those version constraints, or there is no bundle available that provides the specified package. For more details on how to fix this, see
2020-08-21 11:23:52,171 WARN [main] [atlassian.plugin.impl.AbstractPlugin] enable Unable to enable plugin 'com.atlassian.servlet1.servletonly'
2020-08-21 11:23:52,175 WARN [main] [atlassian.plugin.impl.AbstractPlugin] enable Because of this exception
com.atlassian.plugin.osgi.container.OsgiContainerException: Cannot start plugin: com.atlassian.servlet1.servletonly
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