bug: Can't answer questions?

I’m unable (on some but not all posts) on to respond to questions. As a Marketplace Vendor, it leaves me feeling very rude to be accidentally giving customers the silent treatment.

I can add text to the “Suggest an answer” and hit “Answer” button to submit (with either mouse or keyboard controls). The page then refreshes, and my answer is nowhere to be found. It’s like talking to the void. There’s no error on the page, in the Javascript console or in network requests: it’s all just reloading. I’ve checked on multiple browsers and it’s not the result of content-blocking extensions.

I’ve found now I can answer some questions, but not others. Is it a spam filter thing? How can I get this resolved?

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Hi @henriseymour ,

I filed a ticket internally to our online community team. They will review it and get back to you.

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Thanks @Andrew_Golokha!

Was there a Support Desk I could have raised this in?

I went looking in Atlassian Support and ended up filing it as “Purchasing and licensing” since there weren’t any applicable categories. I was then told to go here or to the Ecosystem help desk - the latter even specifies that only critical bugs are to be reported there.

Hi @Andrew_Golokha,

I haven’t heard from anyone at Atlassian about this. Has it been investigated?