Community request: a final definitive complete all encompassing announcement on Data Residency


Can someone from Atlassian pretty please write a blog post here on CDAC what the current state is of Data Residency for both Forge & Connect apps? This includes supported regions, documentation on actions that app developers need to take to support data residency and realm migrations.

Also, if there is anything left on the roadmap for Atlassian and that requires action from app developers, please create a timeline for this.

Side-note: there is a Forge changelog, but there is no such equivalent for Connect. It would be great if we can also have that (and that it includes changes like these).


Lacking an answer from Atlassian I’ll fill people in on what I know:

Jira/Confluence admin UIs allow users to pin their Atlassian products to US, EU or AU regions.
The Connect platform enabled support for app descriptors to provide region specific installation/hosting URLs after the host product changes had been released, leading to a situation where host products were migrated between regions by end-users before apps could add and release support for those new regions.

The Connect integration mechanism for hooking into the region-to-region product data migration is not released as of Nov 2022. This makes it hard for app vendors to handle region-to-region migration of the app data when the host product region is changed.

Forge does not support Connect-on-Forge integration if the Connect app uses Data Residency according to their docs. It’s not clear to me whether Forge apps are deployed to multiple regions or not.

There are some other regions and initatives mentioned on Cloud Roadmap | Atlassian

Edit: there’s also no REST API in Jira/Confluence that will return the region that the host product is pinned to, so trying to resolve the “we couldnt support the region that you pinned your instance to until after you’d migrated your data there” problem is hard. I’ve raised this with Atlassian.


We’re very interested in the nest step in maturity for Data Residency Marketplace support. We currently support all available regions, but DR still feels unfinished (especially since migrations are not yet supported. An update is welcome.

Hi @remie, really sorry for the late response. We missed this post.

We will work on and publish an update post for data residency for apps.


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Awesome… really looking forward to that update post. Perhaps you can share a date with us when you are planning to post the update?

Also, it would be like, super duper awesome if we can get partner announcements about changes to data residency prior to public announcements like

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Hi @remie, we plan to post a data residency update within the next few days.

Also thank you for your feedback. For future data residency changes, we will provide a heads up to Partners, prior to any public announcements.


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Hi Everyone, we have published a status update post here.