Community request part II: can we have a no-bullshit update on the future AtlasKit?

Dear Atlassian Design System team,
Dear @DanielDelCore & @stephenmok,

It seems that you apparently need a new outpouring of community outrage:

It has been over a month since @stephenmok made yet another empty Atlassian promise that the community was heard and that he would “[…] come back soon with updates, and hope to continue the conversation!”

So here we go again: can you pretty pretty please just give us an open company no bullshit update on what you are working on? We’re finding small snippets (a new prototype on netlify, figma assets, issues on jira boards) that give us some clue’s, but I expect better from a mature stakeholder management organisation that is supposed to be Agile. Don’t let us wait for the waterfall to hit the ground and only give us the final polished output. Interact with us, ask feedback, share your ideas. You will get so much more in return from this awesome community.

Thanks again!


cc: @nmansilla @rwhitbeck


Hey @remie,

Apologies for the confusion, we’re not closing the conversation with you (and community), that was just me closing the ticket that was intended to remind me to type up a response to the original post :slight_smile:.

In terms of the original thread I want to reassure you that we’re still watching and have created action items to do and follow-up with you and the wider community.


Ok, but can you then at least share a timeline? Because @stephenmok did not.

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Hey @remie,

Not sure if you’ve seen it yet but Stephen posted an update in your original thread.

Please reach out if you have any further questions,
Thanks :slight_smile:

@DanielDelCore , thanks. The post from @stephenmok has some interesting info, but it neglected to answer the questions that @remie and others have been persistently asking, namely:

  1. What exactly is being delivered in the form of code? Does Atlassian intend to provide, as it did prior to Jan 2, 2020, all of the Atlaskit components in source version? (Currently, about 30% of the source is missing, including components that are dependencies of other key components.) And will the system take a form enabling partners to incorporate it in a commercial-grade CI/CD system? (This stopped being the case in early January).

  2. What is the timeline? @stephenmok 's latest post continued in the same vein we’ve seen for the last 6 months, ‘i.e., we can only tell you that we’ve been really busy, but we should be able to tell you more sometime in the future.’ Keep in mind we’ve been told “real soon now” since early January.

To be clear, the concern from the community isn’t about the quality or features of Atlaskit. Rather, we just want to know when (or whether) we can count on Atlaskit as safe to build our businesses on.


Hi everyone, please leave any comments you may have on this new topic related to Atlassian Design System and Atlaskit as I am closing this thread. Thanks!