Community rules. Why my post has been deleted?

Hi Atlassian,

Today I have answered a user’s question here which has been removed:

Here is a screenshot of my answer. IMHO, it is not and advertisement as our app just does what the user is asking about:

I see other vendors/partners making explicit advertisements like it happened here:

Might anyone please explain why this different treatment?

Thanks in advance,

This is a totally different community and the moderators that took action are not present here. Please bring this up with the Atlassian Community moderators.

How could I reach out the Atlassian Community moderators? Is there any email to contact them?

Hi Pablo,

On the user-community site, you can always post a question. If that is not good enough, then maybe report abuse on the question you think your post was for and see what the moderators say.

But I see them removing stuff based on the basic rules first, I have had a couple deleted because I did not know of the rules in