Compass link event payload has the wrong URL

Hi Community,

I’m developing a Forge application to help with ingesting performance metrics from New Relic into Compass. I’m storing some data about the New Relic entities related to my component, so when the link is deleted I want to remove that data using the Storage API. I’ve created a trigger as follows in my manifest.yml:

    - key: link-event-trigger
      function: link-event-fn
        - avi:compass:deleted:component_link

My handler function is as follows:

const linkDeleteTrigger = async function(payload, context) {
  const { url } = payload;
  console.log('Link deletion trigger', url);

The function fires as expected, but when I check the log output, the value of the url variable is not the one that was actually deleted, but another link altogether on the component.

This seems like a bug, but I’m wondering if anyone can spot whether my code is at fault, or whether anyone else has encountered this issue.


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