<component-Import> and/or <servlet> tags within atlassian-plugin.xml descriptor file no longer works

I have been following the atlassian refapp tutorial i.e. converting component to a servlet module (https://developer.atlassian.com/server/framework/atlassian-sdk/convert-component-to-servlet-module/), however, when i’ve declared my servlet class within the atlassian-plugin.xml descriptor file and included the <component-import> line at the bottom of the file, i still don’t get the message show-up within the browser (“Hello! You did it”), instead i just get an error message which says it can’t find the servlet class (after i’ve typed “/test” at the end of the URL). Is this because Atlassian have now adopted the Spring framework? so instead i’ll have to use spring annotations to achieve the same outcome? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I’m currently using the atlassian SDK to develop a plugin for Jira (server) and i’m using latest version of Jira (Server), which at the moment, is 8.0.0.

I basically want to use Spring/REST to obtain data from Jira database i.e. data taken from active project and then use/collate this data to construct a holistic project anatomy view, so users can see all inter-dependencies and dependencies within a project, but i want to try and construct this all within Jira, and produce the anatomy on a ‘pop-up page’ so-to-speak (additional jira web-page or jira pop-up page that is prompted/produced on initial jira page, if that makes sense).

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