Conditions in general page


I have a general page for which the link is displayed in the side bar for the space. In that page I would like to hide some actions depending on the permissions the user has. So I pass inline conditions via the URL of the general page, but unfortunately they do not work as expected.

Besides others I have tried the following:

  • condition.has_space_permission(permission=EDIT): Evaluates to true if and only if the user has administer permission for the space
  • condition.user_logged_in_editable: Always evaluates to true

So my questions are:
How do the Confluence Cloud conditions correspond to permissions set in the space tab?
Is there an issue with those permissions together with a general page?
From the names of the conditions it is absolutely unclear what they do, is there any further documentation?

Hello Pete

I am looking into an answer this question for you.

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Not 100% sure if it’s an issue or as designed with the space_permission. I will raise a CONFCLOUD bug about this. It certainly is confusing.

Hi Sheldon

Yep, it certainly is, thank you for raising that bug.