Configure costum UI app with each installation

I’d like my app to be configurable so at every installation the user could set the domains with which the app makes rest api calls to. This domain would be different for each site, so with every installation. Is there a way to implement a setup wizard of some sort? If not, how I could solve this problem?


Hi @bodrimark,

Based on this other topic, I believe the domains are external to Atlassian.

Customers could be guided to enter the domain via a confluence:globalSettings or a jira:adminPage page after installing the app with the useAsGetStarted property set to true.

How does this sound?


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Hi @ccurti,
Yes, the domains are external.

I like the idea!
Does this confluence:globalSettings page need to be a seperate application, or it could be included alongside my current app?

Thank’s for your help!

Hi @bodrimark,

The confluence:globalSettings is added as an additional Forge module to the manifest.yml file of the current app.
It’s just adding new functionalities to the current app so no separate app is required.

Happy to help here!