Configuring Jira App Permissions cause page to not load and redirects to previous page

When trying to configure the app permission, the page semi loads and then closing/redirects to the previous overview of permissions page. This seems to only happen to pages with a “update Required” label.


  1. Go to Log in with Atlassian account/permissions/
  2. Go to Permissions tab.
  3. Locate Api Name with an “UPDATE REQUIRED” label/tag, screenshot below.
  4. Click Configure of update required api. (Jira in this case)

Expected Behaviour:
Page opens and I can configure Jira permissions.

Actual Behaviour:
Page starts loading and then redirects to the Permissions tab.

Has anyone else seem similar? Is there a workaround to configure Api permissions?
Also not sure if this is a bug for others or just an inconvenience for my app.

Hi @killianmoore ,

I have just tested this and it works fine for me.

Have you tried doing the this in a different browser or in an incognito/anonymous browser window (in order to make sure that’s not happening because of a browser extension/add-on or corrupted cache/cookies)?

If this doesn’t help, you may want to try to click on the configure button with your browser developer tools open and see if you can find any error in there.

Finally, if nothing helps, you may want to create a DEVHELP support request by either going to clicking on the link at the bottom of at the bottom of the page:

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