Confirming files for uploading to Jira Cloud Platform does not work

Hello everyone,

I am currently working my way through the tutorial Getting started with Connect but when it comes to hosting an app on a local online server, I am getting stuck at step 4:

Confirm that the files you created in steps 1 and 2 are being served by visiting the following URLs:

  • link for json file
  • link for html file

(sorry, I am only allowed to use two links in a post…)

and I don’t really know why.

Clicking on the links tells me that the files could not be found. I did everything up to that point and it worked so far.

Do I have to modify the json file regarding the directory? I have already added the full path to modules → general pages → url but that didn’t change anything.

I know it might be a “ridiculous” beginner question but I have been searching for a solution online for about two hours now.

I would appreciate your feedback, thank you.