Confluence 6.10 and Tomcat9.x

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We are testing our add-ons with your beta1, but we get the error “The Application Server Version and Vendor health check has failed in your system”. We tried to raise the AMPS version and replace the containerID “tomcat8x” by “tomcat9x”. It doesn’t work. There is no containerId = tomcat9x. Are there any plans to add it to the AMPS?
Probably @mpaisley have a short answer? How can we update the tomcat versions?
The problem is that the notification window hides some elements so we cannot run the automated tests.
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Hey Daria,

Thanks for the question - yes, it will be available in the next AMPS release (we’re just ironing out some dependency issues).

The ticket you can watch is



Hey Melisa,

thank you!
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