Confluence 6.3 EAP has been released!

Hi everyone,

Confluence 6.3.0-m04 is now available! EAP releases like this one provide a snapshot of our work-in-progress and give you an opportunity to test and fix your add-ons before the final release.

We plan to release regular milestones and betas during the development of Confluence 6.3, so head to Preparing for Confluence 6.3 to find out what’s changed. We’ll update that page each week with any notable changes.

Get the latest EAP

If you have any problems with the EAP, please [raise an issue] (Error - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.) to let us know. The earlier we know about problems, the more time we’ll have to fix them before the final release.



When is the release expected?

Hi there,

I can’t give you an exact date for 6.3, but I can tell you a bit about the Confluence team’s release cycle. We aim to release a new milestone every week. Once we’re feature complete we will release a beta (there might be a few betas, depending on feedback and any issues we uncover), and then once we’re close to final, we’ll release the release candidate - at this point you can be pretty confident that the final release is only a week or two away.

Hope that helps!


Definitely it helps. How can I subscribe to get notified when the Release Candidate is out?

I’ll be posting an announcement like this one when the beta and RC is released. I’d recommend watching this category for notifications.

We’re trying to improve how we make people aware of these releases, out of interest, how would you prefer to be notified?

Email would be great, if there was a mailing list we could subscribe. I remember couple years ago there was.

It would be cool if the version would also be available in the Atlassian artifact repository at the time of the announcement. The EAP is out a couple of days, but on Nexus I only see milestone 4.;gav~com.atlassian.confluence~confluence-plugins-platform-pom~6.3.0*~~

I assume it should be 6.3.0-m05? Am I looking at the wrong repository?

Thanks! That’s useful feedback. The “developer updates” mailing list is the one you need. You can subscribe to this list in > email preferences.

For Confluence, I send an email to that list around the time the first beta is released.

Confluence 6.3.0-m05 was released yesterday. I’ll follow this up with the Confluence dev team this morning to check whether this is the right location, or if there’s been a delay for some reason.

I’ve followed up with our dev team. Seems there is an issue with artifacts not synching across proxies if they’ve not been explicitly requested (I also wasn’t able to see it initially). If you’re still not able to see it, you can use the following URL to get to the pom directly:

Ok, I see: I clicked the EAP link in your message and got to milestone 5. But your message clearly refers to milestone 4.
Sorry, my fault!

I can see the milestone 5 today. Thank you for the tip to get around the “caching issue”!

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