Confluence 7.13 Long Term Support release beta available now

Today we released a beta for Confluence 7.13.

New in 7.13

To find out what’s in this release, check out the Confluence 7.13 beta release notes.

Confluence 7.13 is a Long Term Support release, so we’re not including any new features or significant changes. This release is focused on bug fixes to support our largest customers.

Many customers on Confluence 6.13 and 7.4, our last Long Term Support releases, have been eagerly awaiting this Long Term Support release, and we are expecting a lot of upgrades to this version. So check out our Preparing for Confluence 7.13 guide, start your testing, and remember to mark your app as compatible as soon as you can after release day.

Get started

Download the beta from our site to start testing your app for compatibility with the changes. Be sure to take a look at our Preparing for Confluence 7.13 guide to find out what you need to do to make your app compatible. We’ll update that page regularly, so keep an eye on it to see any changes.


The Atlassian Confluence team

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In Maven the release is called 7.13.0-beta (not beta1 as implied here:

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For folks who are using docker images to keep their EAP server up to date with the latest: Confluence 7.13 beta is in included in the ‘eap’ label: Docker Hub

I just verified that by refreshing my image that is configured to use the ‘eap’ label like this in docker-compose.yml:

        image: atlassian/confluence-server:eap

My server says it is now on version 7.13.0-beta

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:woman_facepalming: Thanks @christoffer. Too many years of releasing betas, I was obviously on autopilot and missed that it had been named differently this time. I’ve updated the references in the doc.

Glad the docker tag is working as expected @TureHoefner. The intention is that the latest EAP be included in that label (including beta, and hopefully next week release candidate).

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Hi @rrobins, sorry for this message being slightly off-topic, but since you seem to be somewhat involved with the docker image releases:

The 7.4.10 LTS release still isn’t showing up on docker hub:

Would be great if this could be published as there are multiple security fixes in that version.

Also there seems to be no image description for atlassian/confluence, even though atlassian/confluence-server says:

NOTE : This Docker image is published as both atlassian/confluence and atlassian/confluence-server. These are the same image, but the -server version is deprecated and only kept for backwards-compatibility; for new installations it is recommended to use the shorter name.

Sorry again for bringing this up here but when trying to report this properly as documented via I’m being sent into an infinite login loop on

Hi Jens, sorry I’ve only just seen your message, and am following with the dev team. I’m not directly involved in getting the releases on dockerhub, but I’ll chase up what has gone wrong (again).

The problem should have been resolved fairly soon after your original comment (sorry for the delay). There was a problem with some of our automation, but it is apparently fixed now.

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