Confluence 7.18 release EAP available now

Hi everyone,

A Confluence 7.18 EAP milestone is available now! EAP releases provide a snapshot of our work-in-progress and give you an opportunity to test and fix your apps before the final release.

As usual, we’ll be releasing weekly milestones and betas during the development of Confluence 7.18, so head to Preparing for Confluence 7.18 to find out what’s changed.

Get the latest EAP

If you have any problems with an EAP release, please raise an issue to let us know. The earlier we know about problems, the more time we’ll have to fix them before the final release.

Also, in case you missed it, we recently announced Confluence 7.19 will be our next Long Term Support release.



Hi @rrobins, thanks for the heads-up as usual :slight_smile:

The preparation docs contain an advance note on the expected hibernate update for Confluence 8 and I got a question concerning that.

The section ‘Custom Hibernate Queries’ of the docs page linked in that advance note contains a code snippet for atlassian-plugin.xml referring to modules of type content-custom-query:

<content-custom-query query-name="<your unique query name>" key="find-all-abstract-page-ids" 
        name="Custom Hibernate Query" class="com.your.project.FindAllCurrentAbstractPageIdsHibernateQueryFactory"/>

We’ve been declaring custom queries in some apps for quite some time already but we used a different module type: content-hibernate-2-query, having the same attributes and Java interface implemented in the referenced class.

Now the questions:

  • What module type are we supposed to use, and in which Confluence version has content-custom-query been introduced?
  • Will the content-hibernate-2-query module type be deprecated / removed in Confluence 8?

That’s important to know for us when declaring Confluence version compatibility for our apps.

Would be great if you could find someone answering these questions.


Hi Jens, hope you’re well. I’m hoping to have some more 8.0 specific information available soon, including a hibernate migration guide, and an EAP milestone to test with, but not sure when this will be available.

I’ll pass your questions on to the people working on hibernate, and get them to jump in with some info.


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Hi Jens,

content-custom-query has been introduced in 7.17 . We strongly recommend to use it over the content-hibernate-2-query.

content-hibernate-2-query will not be removed in Confluence 8, but we recommend to change your apps to use content-custom-query as we may remove content-hibernate-2-query in future.

The functionality of both content-hibernate-2-query and content-custom-query is exactly the same.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Hi @mahesh thanks for the clarification!

I suppose that means we can define our custom queries with two modules having version restrictions like this, right?

	<content-hibernate-2-query query-name="my-query-name" key="my-query-name-legacy"
		<restrict application="confluence" version="(,7.17.0)"/>

	<content-custom-query query-name="my-query-name" key="my-query-name"
		<restrict application="confluence" version="[7.17.0,)"/>

Might be worth adding this to the migration guide because I don’t think these version restrictions are documented anywhere.


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Hi Jens,

Yes, the examples you have given are correct.

We will definitely add this to the migration guide.

Please let me know if you any more questions.


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